My first book Rainbow Dust follows a young girl called Jessica and a tiny unicorn called Lucy. Jessica finds herself in a whole new magical world, high above the clouds. A land filled with adventures, rainbows and unicorns.

'Do you like to play cloud ball' Lucy asks in a squeaky voice, jumping in the air excitedly, twictching her pink horn.

'Come on, climb on my back.'

Jessica laughs, 'I can't do that, I'm much too big.'

As she says the words, she realises she has shrunk.

'What has happened to me? How did I get like this?'

Jessica shrieks as she jumps up, staring in wonder at her tiny hands and feet.

An eagle circles above. Swooping swiftly down, he expertly picks Lucy up by her fluffy mane. Jessica buries her face into Lucy's thick fur as they dangle helplessly form the eagles claws.

Tossing them into his nest, the bird cirlces round making high-pitched, angry noises. Looking skywards, he squawks loudly.

Frightened, Jessica and Lucy huddle together, wondering what is going to happen to them.

Rainbow Dust and the Moon is the new book in the Rainbow Dust series. The story is filled with fun, friendship, adventure with just a sprinkling of danger. Jessica returns to the magical world high in the clouds to see her friend Lucy. There, she meets another unicorn called Rufus and the trio go on an exciting adventure to see the man in the moon. But Jessica’s curiosity about the dark side of the moon soon leads to trouble, as she tumbles down the side and into a crater.

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‘Really, you wouldn’t mind?’ ‘Of course not,’ Jessica insists, wiping his tears away. ‘Rufus was feeling a little left out,’ Jessica explains as Lucy lands beside them. ‘I’m sorry Rufus. I was just so excited to see Jessica I didn’t think, can you forgive me?’ Lucy says, hiding her guilty face and kicking the cloud with her hooves.

Signed and personalised copy is available for £5.99. Please contact me for details.Click here

The colouring book to accompany Rainbow Dust and the Moon has 28 pages filled with the fabulous illustrations from the book. Only £4.50 

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