Are Unicorns real?

Fun Facts about Unicorns

Narwhales are the unicorns of the sea
Unicorn horns are called Alicorns.
Unicorns live in groups of four or five.
The head of the family is an elder Unicorn who is hundreds of years old.
The Unicorn’s eyes are Sky Blue or Purple.
Unicorn absorbs its energy through their horn.
According to mythology, whoever touches a pure White Unicorn, will find happiness and joy in his entire life.
The Unicorn is thought to hold the power to divine truth and will pierce the heart of a liar with its horn.
Some believe that by seeing a Unicorn will bring them good luck.
A baby unicorn is called a sparkle.
It is said that even if the unicorn is captured, it can never be tamed.

Unicorns are generally considered mythical animals and are typically represented as a white horse with a single straight and often spiraled horn projecting from its forehead.

Legend has it that the creature is tireless when pursued, yet falls meekly to the ground when approached by someone with a pure heart. It is reputed to live for a thousand years and to be the noblest of animals.

The unicorn is the official animal of Scotland
A Unicorn is mentioned in many of the Asian and European myths.
Unicorns are mentioned in the folklore of the medieval period.
Unicorns are both very shy and masters of disguise. This is why so few are spotted.