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Donna H Duhig

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If you love historical novels then you'll love this book. Beautifully written but be warned have the tissues handy!

In 1919, a sudden tragedy tears Betsy's family apart.  Her childhood and life, and that of her siblings, will change irrevocably.

Betsy grows up in the years between the two wars.  During this time of hardship, she faces many struggles and losses.

Will she develop the strength and determination to find her own way in life.

Will things work out In the End?

There was nothing notably different about the bleak and gloomy day back in December 1919; nothing to warn me or prepare me for what was about to change my life forever. Yet my most vivid memories will always be attached to that winter, and every minute detail would stay with me, forever embedded in my mind.

If you would like to read more, In The End is available on Amazon.

Click link to purchase In The End

Helen Dewhurst

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This bright, colourful and educational book will appeal to young children aged 5 and under and encourage them to get active by bringing out their own Little Superhero attributes. The detailed pictures will encourage children's speaking, listening and observation skills and the simple repetitive and rhyming text will support early reading skills.

This book will grow with your child, bringing fun and encouraging learning through active play. The pictures can be revisited at different stages of child development and will foster a love of movement and reading. 

The active little superheroes will grab your child's attention, encourage early vocabulary skills and will provide a useful educational resource for parents and all early years' practitioners alike. 

Let's support our children's health and wellbeing and build strong foundations with the 

Little Superheroes... happy, healthy, heart, mind and body! 

Helen is not only the author of this fantastic educational book but she also runs The Superheroe Sports Academy, which supports Happy Healthy Hearts, Minds & Bodies. 

If you would like to know more about her book and or Academy please visit her website and if you would like her book, it is available  to buy on Amazon.


Claire Walsh

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Claire has always loved both reading and writing but it was only when she turned 50 she decided to turn her dreams into reality with the publication of her first book; 'The Princess Without A Crown'.  The story highlights the Princess doesn't need a crown or a Prince. 

Claire's second book 'The Pink Widow' is a very moving and personal story about her journey through grief after losing her husband to bowel cancer. 

If you would like to read more about Claire and her books please visit her website. Both her books are available to purchase on Amazon.

SJ Dawson Author
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