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How Jessica and Lucy changed and developed from Rainbow Dust to Rainbow Dust and the Moon

When I write I always have a very strong idea of how my characters will look, how they will act in any given situation and how they feel. They have their own personalities; with some stronger than others.

Jessica is a very inquisitive little girl, she always wants to know how things work, what things are and what they are for; her inquisitiveness can and quite often does, lead to trouble.

Lucy is quite a gentle, sweet-natured and caring character. She is very sensitive to situations and the feelings of others. Rufus on the other hand, although sensitive is much more mischievous.

I wanted the first book, Rainbow Dust to be a soft, gentle adventure, which sees a friendship develop between Jessica and Lucy so, the illustrations had to reflect that through the style and colour.

Lucy had to be a baby unicorn, definitely not like a grown-up horse; that comes in book three! I also wanted Jessica to look like a proper little girl.

Both Jessica and Lucy were very young in Rainbow Dust, so the illustrations were young, cute and fluffy and everything was in soft pastel colours.

For the second book; Rainbow Dust and the Moon, I needed something different. The colours and illustrations needed to be bolder and stronger in colour to reflect the difference between the two books.

The story builds throughout far more, with more elements to it. The adventure is more exciting; who wouldn’t want to sit on top of the moon, which of course is made of marshmallow, eating sticky dollops?

The story also looks at how one friend can feel left out when someone else arrives on the scene. It shows how Jessica and Lucy deal with how Rufus feels when Lucy spends all her time with Jessica.

I was lucky enough to meet up with an old friend at a school reunion. She is an artist, and what an artist.

I sent Jayne a brief but didn't want to sway her as to how I wanted Jessica or Lucy to look. In my head I wanted Jessica to have plaits with denim short dungarees. That was exactly how Jayne sketched her, though in the end we decided to change the shorts to a denim dungaree dress.

Lucy looked incredible, not quite as fluffy, as she had matured but just as cute and the expressions Jayne managed to get on the unicorn's faces was just incredible.

After reading the book Jayne sketched out ideas and we discussed which parts of the book should be illustrated.

Jayne just got me from the start. It was if she could see what had been going on in my head when I was writing. She has helped Jessica and Lucy to grow up, but not too much!

I have one dilemma now though; I didn’t expect Rufus to become such a strong character. I have already written the third book in the series; Rainbow Dust and the Dueno with only Jessica and Lucy. The only solution is to re-write it with Rufus included as they are definitely the 3 Amigos now!

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