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Updated: Jun 19, 2020

In 1991 I was diagnosed with renal failure and in January 1995 I had a live donor transplant donated from my mother. It was then I took up writing although I had always been interested in English, and in particular English Literature. After gaining an A level in Literature and language as a ‘mature student’, I went on to study creative writing.

I dabbled in all types of writing from short stories, lyrics and poems to scriptwriting. I thought the short story was the way to go. I enjoyed the challenge of writing a complete story in such a succinct way. However, my style and content didn’t fit with the magazine market, so maybe one day I will look at publishing a book of them.

I suppose then Children’s stories was the next logical step as children are not interested in the preamble, they just want to get down to the nitty-gritty of a story. So, I’d like to say I always wanted to become a children’s author but I would be lying! I fell into it but I have to say it suits me down to the ground. Maybe because I’m still just a child at heart but I love creating magical worlds to escape into, filled with mythical creatures, toys that come alive and talking taxis. My books are more traditional storybooks for children to reach into their own imaginations.

I can’t really remember where the story for Rainbow Dust came from, as I wrote it over 20 years ago but the inspiration was clouds and a unicorn beanie baby.

Beanie baby unicorn toy
The inspiration for Lucy in Rainbow Dust

I love clouds, I love watching them and seeing images like faces and animals in them.  On a flight back from Tenerife I stared out at a world of fluffy white clouds and it felt to me like a whole different world. What would they feel like, cotton wool? I imagined they would be really comfortable to curl up and fall asleep on. So the idea for a story in cloudland developed in my head then.

Sometime after that, I was given a unicorn beanie baby and the two went together perfectly to create Rainbow Dust. I guess I was a bit ahead of my time when it came to unicorns but as they are so big now I thought it was probably a good time to publish my book.

There are two main characters, Lucy the unicorn who lives up in the clouds and Jessica, a little girl who is lifted off into the magical unicorn world by a rainbow. The story follows their adventure in cloudland.

I have since written the second adventure: Rainbow Dust and the Moon which is due to be published in the summer. The second book introduces a new unicorn; Rufus and the man in the moon.

I am hoping to launch the book on July 31st as it is International Marshmallow Day and my moon is made of the lovely sweet gooey stuff.

The third book is already written and sees Lucy come down to earth to see Jessica. Lucy has received a message from the Woodland Fairy, she needs Lucy's help to save the wood. A magical adventure full of fairies, mice and a Dueno.

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