Amazon 5 Star Review:


I believe this is the first book published by this author. It certainly wont be the last. Ilustrated as beautifully as it is written this is a must for kids of most ages. In a modern day world of gaming and social media this certainly shows that you cant beat a magical story in the form of a book. Even the feel of the book is fantastic. I've read it to my 2 boys Harvey and Chester every night before bedtime and they enjoy Jessica's adventure so much. Cannot wait for the 2nd book to come out. Well done SJ Dawson. This is right up there with the best!!!!


Amazon 5 Star Review :


A delightful book, beautifully written with lovely illustrations.I am sure any young child would thoroughly enjoy the exciting
adventures of Jessica and Lucy.

Amazon 5 Star Review:


I love this book. It's such a lovely story about a little girl making a new friend - a unicorn - in a new land. It sounds very girly but there is a new game, an adventure, and a dramatic rescue. The illustrations are gentle and beautiful. Lovely as a bedtime story or for children to read on their own.

Amazon 5 Star Review:


This is Samantha Dawson's first publication, and has been well worth the wait. It takes the reader to a magical world where time stops and the imagination takes over. A story that keeps you holding your breath, especially when the Eagle comes along!!! Loved every minute of reading this to my grandson. A story of magic, friendship and trust, and the illustrations by Becky Stout are amazing. They are reminiscent of a bygone year, but totally in keeping with the book.
Well done Sam, cant wait for your next book x

Amazon 5 Star Review:

This is the authors first book and hopefully the first of many. It is brilliantly written and wonderfully illustrated.
To quote the back of the book, Jessica finds herself in a whole new magical world, high above the clouds. A land filled with adventures, rainbows and unicorns.
A delightful story which from what I have seen has children enthralled.

Amazon 5 Star Review:


My seven year old loves this book! Lovely, magical unicorn story. She’s read it numerous times and is hoping they’ll be another book so she can find out what happens to the characters next....!

Amazon 5 Star Review:


This book is just wonderful.Well written story with fabulous illustrations. Both my grandsons loved it... it’s not just for girls....
Well done to SJDawson on your first book.

Amazon 5 Star Review:


My 4 year old loves this book! A beautifully written and illustrated adventure. Great for bedtime reading

Amazon 5 Star Review


 My daughter loves this book! It has all her favourite things in - magic, unicorns and rainbows. She’s 4 and I thought it would be too long to read all at once but she insisted we finished it in one go. We’ve read it several times before bed since and can’t wait for the next book and more magical adventures! It’s a lovely book that I would recommend for children of all ages, their parents and grandparents to read together.


Amazon 5 Star Review: Amazing Magical Adventure


My little boy couldn't wait for the second book in the series, he loved the first book Rainbow Dust but Rainbow Dust and the Moon had him gripped from the start and is absolutely his favourite book ever. Mr Gentle was his favourite character and this page just enthralled him. I hope the coalition between SJ Dawson and the illustrator Jayne Farrer continues into the third book, as her illustrations perfectly match SJ's imaginative writing.

Amazon 5 Star Review:  Beautiful story; beautiful pictures.


So, this is another book in the Rainbow Dust series. Rainbows and unicorns - who can resist?
What I love about this book is that Jessica and Lucy have grown up a bit and the adventure they have is a bit more exciting. That makes it perfect for children to follow the characters - they can grow together. This book will help expand children's vocabulary - some bigger words.
The illustrations are amazing! There is so much detail in some of them and they definitely bring this story and characters to life. I have a couple of favourites - they would make lovely wall art.

Amazon 5 Star Review:  Amazing 2nd Adventure


I am totally grateful for Sam for commissioning me to illustrate her latest story. It was a great pleasure to recreate an older Jessica and Lucie, also to develop the new characters from Sam's imagination. It is a wonderful tale of friendship, adventure and an unexpected plunge to the dark side of the moon where danger awaits. A very enjoyable page turning story for any young boy or girl who ever wondered who lives in the moon!

Amazon 5 Star Review: Stunning Book


This is another wonderful book in the new series of Rainbow Dust. Lovely story with great illustrations to match. Young children love to hear this story repeatedly.

Amazon 5 Star Review: What a fantastic book

Who said unicorns are for girls? My five year old son absolutely loves this book after enjoying the first one of the series so much. A few exciting turns in the story that took him by surprise and had him hanging on the edge of his bed, quite literally.

Rainbow Dust and the Moon is a well written and magical story with beautiful illustrations to support it. SJ Dawson has such an amazing imagination that your children will love; they will meet the man on the moon, find out what sweet treat the moon is made of and see what terrible creature lurks on the dark side.

The series is one that will grow with your children, just like Jessica and Lucy have grown since the first book, and I recommend it to anyone who likes unicorns.

We are looking forward to the third book in the series and see Jessica and Lucy's next adventure.

Amazon 5 Star Review: Eagerly awaited sequel

My Grandson enjoyed the 1st book, Rainbow Dust. So we couldn't wait to read Samantha's newest addition to come along. He absolutely loved the character Mr Gentle and was upset when the big rat tried to eat Jessica!!!
It is a lovely read, I think Samantha has excelled with her second book.

Amazon 5 Star Review: Great Story - Superbly Illustrated


This book is a great follow up to the author’s first.
The book format has been made larger and is beautifully illustrated.
Also, the story is more involved containing more characters which children love.
Having purchased 3 copies of each book for family and friends, we look forward to future books from the author.
Maria & Bob

Amazon 5 Star Review: Magical Stories


Rainbows Unicorns and Adventures what more could any little dreamer want in a bedtime story. This is the second In the series of Rainbow Dust books we have bought as gifts for our cousins daughter and she loves hearing what Jessica and Lucy get up to.
Excellent value too, we wouldn’t hesitate to buy again.

Amazon 5 Star Review: Fabulous

On Friday I bought the little girl in my life a new book. Written by a fabulous local author and great friend of my late dad's Samantha Dawson. Tonight we read it before bed and Evie absolutely loved it and so did I!!! Such a lovely story and gorgeous illustrations. My most favourite part was the lovely dedication to my dad Kev. He would be so over the moon for you Sam and be promoting your book at every opportunity! I can just see him sat in his chair in the bull with a stack of them! I highly highly recommend this book if you have children that love imaginative stories that are lovingly written. Perfect to buy now and put away for Christmas. Thank you Sam ❤❤❤❤

Amazon 5 Star Reveiw: Highly Recommended

A delightful story book, beautifully illustrated, perfect for bedtime reading

Amazon 5 Star Review: Fantastic 2nd book

I really enjoyed reading Rainbow Dust and the Moon. The characters made me smile all the way through until Jessica slipped to the other side of the moon, I wanted to catch her myself.
The illustration is just amazing bringing the characters to life and taking you inside the story.
A big well done to the author SJDawson on another wonderful story Book

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